About Us


A lifelong interest and enthusiasm for ceramics and, in his late thirties, an intensive vocational course with Jim Malone, sustained Ray through long years of a "paid" career supporting his family, until a longed-for early retirement/redundancy – and his dream of pursuing his love of ceramics full-time.

By this time he had gradually built up an impressive array of equipment, built woodfiring kilns and created a large spacious pottery (come to one of the courses to hear the full story!!)  More interestingly he had gathered a growing number of fellow enthusiasts who could turn up whenever they were free and felt like spending time at the pottery.....potting.  No paperwork, no certificates, just the love of spending time working with clay.

Realising that most people potting in their spare time enjoy the motivation of professional input and the company of other enthusiastic potters, Ray was persuaded that there would be many more potters (spare time, part-time, fulltime) who would really appreciate a ‘centre’ for ceramics where they would be able to develop their own skills and styles, experiment and/or benefit from professional technical tutoring from world class potters. The range and quantity of facilities offers every member of every group the opportunity to experience the complete process of ceramics and to set their own limits on time – the pottery never closes. The centre is now open to use for local school groups, family groups, interest groups and themed days for short term courses, tutored by Ray. During the main Summer months Ray hosts the three, four and five day courses for potters, which are tutored by visiting internationally known ceramacists.

You can contact us by telephoning 016973 51352 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it